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Shower Column (13)

Shower Panel (11)

Shower Pump (1)

Shower Tray (21)

1-Way Concealed Shower Valve Range

1-Way Concealed Shower Valve in a range of styles

2-Way Shower Valve Collection

Choose from our range of 2-way shower valves

3-Way Concealed Shower Valve

Sabre, Sash, Basque and Brand variants of 3-way shower valve

Antica Bath Shower Mixer

F04205 Antica 5 tap hole bath shower mixer HP1

Antica Shower Valve

F04211 Antica concealed 3 tap hole 2-way thermostatic shower valve HP1

Aspirante Shower

Minimalist luxury shower with one central control allowing intuitive operation. Choice of finishes and power

Ballini Shower Pack

F00094 Ballini shower pack including twin concealed thermostatic shower valve and Pure slide rail kit HP2

Basque Shower Pack 5

F02192 Basque shower pack 5 including concealed shower valve with wall-mounted shower head MP

Black Feeling Shower Trays Shower Tray

F06115 1800 x 800mm feeling shower tray in Black

Black Slate Effect Tray Shower Tray

F01161 1000 x 900mm black slate effect quadrant shower tray

Cappuccino Feeling Shower Tray

F06117 1800 x 800mm feeling shower tray in Cappuccino

Carlos Bath Shower Mixer

Carlos wall-mounted bath shower mixer